Sunday, April 24, 2005

Juju phone home

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Julian's latest fascination is the telephone. Everytime the bedroom door is open, he runs straight for the telephone. He even changed our outgoing message a couple of days ago, it sounds like he picks up the phone, breathes heavily for acouple of seconds, says "heddo" and then hangs up. It fooled my parents last night when they called and we weren't home. We haven't figured out how to reset our message, so it should be on there for a bit longer.

He carries the phone and speaks into it like it's a "walkie talkie". He talks and talks, especially to "Tata" and "Pa-pa-pa". Dustin says that Julian thinks the phone is his connection to Poppy and Tata, he just picks it up and has a conversation with them, whether they are there or not. He really likes when I pretend to talk into my "phone" (hand held to ear) and act like I'm Poppy, singing "Juju the big strong man, Juju the big strong man, he eats his spinach and green beans and carrots, Juju the big strong man." (Dad's song for Julian, sung to the tune of Popeye the sailorman) He grins and laughs and dances around the house. He loves it and he KNOWS that it is HIS song.


At 4/27/2005 10:52 PM, Blogger TA TA said...

It was so exciting to hear Julian's voice on the answering machine...I have to give Poppy a toy phone so he can pretend he is talking to the grand GRAND Babies!!! That's JuJU the big strong Man!!!
Love you JuJU


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