Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Juju's puddle

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Julian found a puddle, formed from the water sprinkler's being on in one place for entirely too long. He stuck one chubby foot in it, splashed around, took his foot out...two feet...splash dance...plop. He fell into the puddle and LOVED it. He rolled around in it like a dog, splashing Annabelle and me and laughing so loudly.

I took him inside, stripped off his cold clothes and diaper, and prepared to give him a bath in the sink. Remember how I told you all that he has learned how to open the back door? Well, it happened to be unlocked b/c CJ, Joe, and Dustin were naked Juju flies out the door and STREAKS like a madman through the courtyard. Naked. And playing with his nakedness...the neighbors stared from behind their curtains, I know it. Instead of taking him back inside, as most Dad's would, Dustin just laughed while CJ shot photo after photo of Julian in the buff.

I scooped the boy up, while he kicked and screamed...he knew the diaper was going back on and that does not make him happy. But before I gave him his bath, I had to take one picture to document the event. (okay, four, but I had to delete the other 3 photos due to the graphic poses he made) What a funny kid.


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