Thursday, March 24, 2005

27 bees

I woke up this morning to Julian in the baby bed, pants off, trying to climb over the top. I pick him up, grab a cup of soy milk and lie down on the couch with him...our morning snuggle time. And then I hear it...buzzzz buzzzz buzzzzzzz....

um...a bee? I hop up, swat the bee that is trapped between the drapes in the kitchen window, and go back to Julian....buzzzz buzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzz

another bee? make my way to the other kitchen window/door, open it and let the bee outside. buzzzzzzz

by this time, I'm a little suspicious. I send the kids to Dustin, who is half-asleep and can't open his eyes, and continue the bee battle. 3,4,5 all the way to 27 before I lose count. 27 bees, in windows, light fixtures, the bathroom. I flush some, sweep some into a dust pan, let some free outside, all the while trying to keep Dustin and the kids from harm. It was quite exhilarating, yet frustrating at the same time, since I can't find their nest.

Dustin is getting angry, because if there are so many bees, then a man should be killing them and I should be watching the kids. I call him sexist and continue the battle. He really doesn't believe that, he is just tired of trying to keep Julian confined to a small space while I kill bees.

The battle is over for now. I'm exhausted. The kids are napping. I need a break, but the worst part is that I know it's not really over...I still hear the constant buzzz buzzzzz buzzzzzzz'ing, I just can't find the little things. Oh well, I'll take my break and let a MAN handle the bees from now on.


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