Tuesday, March 29, 2005

*gratitude* March 28, 2005

1. sick again, but Dustin saves the day. cooking, cleaning, watching kids, letting me sleep, he's a dream.

2. oreos, the only food, besides half an apple, that I could manage to eat today. It's the "chicken soup" of the chocolate obsessed.

3. my Annabelle, cute as can be, tantrums and all

4. the smell of taco soup for dinner, filled the house, and was the only thing (besides Juju's dirty diaper) that I could smell today.

5. Dustin ran today. He loves to run, but hasn't had the time or energy for it in a few years. It is something that makes him feel good and happy and I'm glad to see him do something that he loves (besides play guitar) after all this time.


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