Saturday, April 02, 2005

*gratitude* April 2, 2005

cheesy grins, chalk and bubbles Posted by Hello

1. playing outside with Bella, chalking up the sidewalk and blowing bubbles.

2. Dustin was sick today and spent all day in bed, but the kids took their naps at the same time, so I got 1 1/2 hours of free time!!! I spent it in the pool! I had it to myself and 3 minutes after I got out, a family of about 20 people showed up and got in, so I was thankful to have that time alone before they got there.

3. It was chilly and windy tonight, but I took the kids outside to burn off energy. Watching the wind blow through Juju's curly hair and then the wind just knocking him down!

4. Going to the market, alone! Again! I love it

5. Dustin made a yummy dinner, then he wanted me to taste what he was eating (avocado, rice, and lime on a tostada shell) but he knew I wouldn't taste it if I saw it first, so he told me "Close your eyes and open your mouth" I tasted it (gagged a little) said "yummy" and he was happy. A minute later, Bella came into the bedroom with her rice and broccoli on the end of a fork and said, "Mama, close your mouth and eat this!" I did, then oohed and aahed, and she walked out beaming. She said, "Thank you mama. See? That was so good, wasn't it?" She's so cute.


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