Wednesday, June 29, 2005

my blog has turned into one of "those" blogs...

As i'm listing all the funny things bella has said today, I realize that my blog has turned into one of "those" blogs. An easily identifiable kids of course.

It started out that way, because we were in Mexico and it was the easiest way to share pictures with my family, but now that they get to see them all the time, i'm stuck in a rut. I'm open to suggestions. Non-kid related blogging themes...ideas anyone??

Until are a few little bella quotes. i'm still going to record them here, because it's faster for me than writing them all down right away.

1. we're in Taco Bell, picking up a quesadilla for Annabelle and Julian. We go inside because our Taco Bell has the slowest drive thru in the entire U.S. As we are waiting in line, a very large macho man comes to the counter to pick up his order, a fried chicken sandwich. Annabelle looks at the man, and then points at his sandwich, saying, "Mama look, they have "crabby patties" here!"

2. She was having a rough day, lots of benadryl and calamine lotion for bug bites all over her legs. At one point she was just so sad and started to cry. i said, "Bella, what's wrong?"

"Oh Mama, I got boo boos,
and bug bites,
and coughs,
and, and, and...boogers in my nose!!"

Apparently it was all just too much for her to handle.

3. *singing*
"row row row your boat,
gently down the stream,
Mawly Mawly Mawly Mawly,
Life's About a dream!!!"


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