Sunday, June 26, 2005

When we were still living in Mexico, I had written my kids names on the sidewalk with chalk. A few days later, I noticed that one of the neighbor boys had traced over the names with green crayon.

Well, when my brother CJ comes to visit a few weeks later, he is leaning against the palm tree outside our door and asks, "Mindi, can Bella write her name?" I say no and ask why. He says, "this is why...her name, written in green crayon on this palm tree."

I was confused at first and then realized that the same boy that traced their names on the sidewalk must have done this. And I thought, perhaps, it's a token of love. One of many "tree inscriptions" from "boyfriends".

A.G. + ?? = (insert poorly drawn heart here, to represent "love")

I took a picture to show my little Annabelle when she is old enough to really appreciate the sentiment behind it. Posted by Hello


At 6/27/2005 3:20 PM, Blogger said...

awww. she is gonna love that when she is older!

At 6/28/2005 12:51 AM, Blogger joy madison said...

cute!!! her first boy friend!


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