Friday, June 10, 2005

pictures are back!!

I got my picture dilemma taken care of...and now one more yucky Juju story.

Okay, see that bottle of yellow liquid on the back of the toilet lid in the picture below? Well, it's not a urine sample ;) it is a fragrant oily air freshener thingy. Mom puts this oil stuff in a little air freshener machine, and it makes the house smell good.

So today, Julian is being quiet for too long (about 30 seconds) and just as I am saying "i better go see what the animal is up to", I hear my sister screaming.
"MINDI!!! COME HERE!!! HURRY HURRY!!!" Followed by shrill screaming.

The lid to that neat little bottle of oily smelly stuff wasn't on well, and Julian had pried it off. He drank a certain amount (unsure of how much) There is only half the amount left in the bottle, his new shirt (just bought today...but not too much complaining over a $2 WalMart shirt) is soaked, it's running down his legs, it's soaking into Mom's newish carpet...and his face is slick with oil.

oh yeah, and he smells like lemon breeze.

I nearly drown him in the sink, trying to clean out the (toxic? not sure) oily mess in his mouth and off of his face. I've spilled this stuff on my arm before and know that it can burn the skin...and it's soaking into his skin.

After about 2 minutes of intensity ("WHERE"S YOUR IPECAC??????? YOU DON"T HAVE IPECAC????) he stops screaming. He wants a "crarkar" (cracker) And he settles down into the recliner with a crarker and some soy milk, not to yell again.

And the women tend to the trail of oil he's left all over this house.

I'm starting to think we are wearing out that big fat WELCOME we received
2ish weeks ago. :)


At 6/10/2005 10:52 PM, Blogger Christoper the most generic name ever said...

O man that is great. Julian the terror. ArAr. o and what is a IPECAC?

At 6/13/2005 1:19 AM, Blogger joy madison said...

they call my son Ja-zilla!


julian is a classic Ju-zilla!!!


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