Friday, October 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen...a little late

1. i am suffering from insomnia. it's 6am and i still haven't been to bed. this is completely normal for me and yet very very very frustrating. how can i make myself sleep without the help of Unisom?

2. annabelle remembers the funniest phrases from movies. i have to be very careful of what she watches, because after seeing something one time, she will be quoting it out of nowhere, 4 months from now. tonight she told her 2 year old brother, "Juju, you can't run from love." I'm thinking she saw it on Brother Bear 2.

3. it was a yucky, groggy, rainy day yesterday and after much begging and whining and fighting from the kids, i bundled them up and took them to Barnes and Noble. We played at the Thomas the Train table and Annabelle found about 400 stuffed animals that I am to buy her for Christmas. It was the best time, and I kicked myself for not taking them there earlier.

4. i took the kids to Target and we were sharing some breadsticks, when I spilled my very full drink directly onto my crotch. the items that i was there to pick up were essential to the smooth running of my household, so I then had to shop for the next 25 minutes with a large "pee looking" crotch stain. I told Dustin about this tonight over dinner at Taco Cabana, and approximately 2 minutes later, he spilled Julian's cup of ice water in my lap, complete with particles of tortilla and cheese floaties.

5. Barack Obama will be at the Texas Book Festival this Saturday and I desperately want to go, but Dustin may be working, and I know that Julian would be impossible to take with me. this makes me so sad.

6. the kids went outside to play today, and got the brilliant idea to mix their chalk with yesterday's rainwater and create "war paint". Julian painted his entire body, while Annabelle stuck to the safe places, like her stomach and legs. I threw my back out, while carrying them from the patio to the bathtub, and spent the next 30 minutes lying on the floor, wishing that i was heavily sedated.

7. julian only knows of two brand name foods, and points them out to me everytime we go to the grocery store: Lucky Charms (thank you mother) and Cheetos.
Annabelle, however, could make up her own shopping list if she only knew how to write.

8. Dustin fixed my computer and I am super duper happy about this.

9. we registered our vehicle, and including out of state licensing and vehicle inspections, it cost us close to $250. my mouth is still hanging open in shock.

10. i am a happier woman because of my new fall wreath and my pumpkin and hazelnut candles. they make my apartment feel more like home.

11. i officially hate cooking once again.

12. i am afraid that this baby #3 does not sleep. you could touch my belly at ANY time of day and feel the he/she is moving wildly. i am scared.

13. discussing baby names in the car tonight, Annabelle tossed out a few keepers, including "Regular Cow Milk Bartell" Julian's only idea for a baby name was "baby Jocelyn". after explaining to him that we already had a baby Jocelyn and we needed a NEW name, he said, "hmmmm.......i know! Baby Jocelyn!"


At 10/27/2006 6:08 PM, Blogger Kara said...

#12-Ms. Haven moved A LOT and of course she is super high maintenance and on the go constantly. She doesn't sit still unless she's sleeping. Literally. Good luck, you'll have to let me know.

At 10/28/2006 1:49 AM, Blogger said...

wow that is a lot going on at once! is oboma coming the last sat. in oct. or the first one in novembeR?

At 10/28/2006 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your pretty red door and new wreath. Very fall. The leaves here are beautiful. Thinking of you. Mika

At 10/28/2006 9:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask your doctor first, of course, but try taking Calcium/Magnesium about 20-30 minutes before bedtime. Take it every day, of course, not as a sleep aid. Calc/Mag helps calm your nervous system. I take it...until I feel good, then I lose te urgency until I feel crappy again!


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