Friday, October 13, 2006

funny kids

*after having an accident in his "Tow Mater" undies (from the movie "Cars") Juju said, "Oh no....Tow Mater's cryin."

*today the kids were playing outside in their usual garb and i wish i had gotten a picture. annabelle loves to play dress up, so she had on a long sleeve shirt, a pink/white striped dress, a hair band around her neck, a sheer scarf over her face (as a veil) a long blue ruffled skirt, red patent leather dress shoes, a gingerbread apron, and her magic wand.

Julian was wearing his pirate "dunnies" and his dorky "Thomas the Train" light up shoes. he refuses to wear any clothing when wearing big boy dunnies. we may need to work on that.

*annabelle has been playing with a nickel lately, making us choose “heads or tails” and then does what she can to make sure that we win whatever we have chosen. it’s really sweet to watch her and juju play this together. yesterday, julian took the nickel and said, “mama, heads or tails? or eyes. or nose.”

*this morning i walked into bella’s room, to find her sitting perfectly still, legs crossed, eyes fixed straight ahead on the wall. i said, “bella are you okay?” she replied, without looking at me, “yeah…i’m just made of glass…”

*we live next door to a fire department, so we see fire trucks every time we leave our house. julian always squeals when he sees them, begging for me to let him ride the truck. i think he believes that I can just stick a quarter into the fire truck and he can ride it, like the sesame street fire truck at the grocery store. well, a few nights ago, we had the patio door open, and we heard the familiar sirens of a fire engine and julian said, “MAMA! MAMA!!! FIRE TRUCK!!! I WANNA RIDE!!!” i calmly said, “julian, we can’t ride the fire truck, it’s going bye bye.” he was still insistent that he be allowed to ride and i said, “julian, we can’t ride the fire truck, it’s not at our house.”

suddenly, the red lights from THREE flashing, blaring, bright red fire trucks appeared at our doorstep. julian smiled, knowingly and pointed out the window. “mama, MY fire trucks!!!” we watched in awe as several large firemen in full gear walked up our sidewalk and made a last minute turn up the stairs to the apartment above us, who apparently had a small kitchen fire. it was a rough hour, trying to contain my little fire man at the window who desperately believed that the fire trucks were there for his enjoyment.


At 10/14/2006 1:23 PM, Anonymous Megan said...

I love these little stories! So cute. We lived next to a fire station in California-so exciting for a 2 year old boy! I love that your kids dress up, too. I get some strange looks when Connor is dressed in a purple scarf, a fuzzy blue hat, a batman mask, socks on his hands, and his bike helmet...c'mon-can't you CLEARLY see that he is an astronaut?! I love it.

At 10/14/2006 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet stories. I'm glad you're writing them down. They'll be cherished forever. Aunt Valerie

At 10/15/2006 8:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an imagination Bella has - made of glass - i wonder where that came for Juju I don't know which is better no clothes when he wears big boy undies - or clothes and "mama's high heel shoes?" hmm - but you know if that had been Aunti or Uncle Bob when the fire trucks came - they would have figured out a way to say "See I brought them here JUST for YOU!!!!
Love you all and miss you

At 10/15/2006 1:08 PM, Anonymous lil sis said...

I love everything bella and juju say. They are so clever. I could just see poor juju now with that fire truck. How sad :( well i updated lately so be happy! hugs and kisses! love you

At 10/15/2006 1:24 PM, Blogger said...

such great stories. i think it is great you are keeping them for the future!

ps. guess who is planning a trip to austin november?? yay!! :)

At 10/15/2006 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go talk to the fire cheif and tell them about Juju and see if you can have a tour sometime...let him sit on them and push the siren...they might just let you!

At 10/16/2006 11:56 PM, Blogger Mi'Chelle said...

Hee hee. JuJu makes me very excited to have a bigger boy. I can already relate to the girly stuff (dressing up is a newfound thing here), but the boy stuff sounds like a lot of fun.

At 10/17/2006 6:47 AM, Blogger Leigh said...

Your kids are too precious! How wonderful are the things they say!

I was going to say the same as Mika - the firemen would probably be pleased to show him the truck and let him sit. But I'm sure they would insist on clothes LOL


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