Saturday, April 30, 2005

*gratitude* April 28th...haven't done one of these in a while

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1. CJ made lunch while Joe, Dustin and I hung out in the kitchen and homey.

2. watching Bella and Juju play in the sprinklers. It was all fun until Julian fell head first in the water fountain. Not hurt, just cold and scared. Uncle to the rescue.

3. Shopping with CJ. We bought all junk food and realized that all the people probably thought we were stoners, or just extremely unhealthy. (pepsi, doritoes, tostitos, choc. chip cookies, brownie mix, 2 orange sodas...and some bananas for balance) Of course, after the boys left, I'm stuck at home with all these junky foods and I'm seriously pigging out!!!

4. re-discovering old movies and music that I used to love.

5. Bella (and Juju) went to bed SO early...she's a night owl, so it has been nice having the house to myself for a while (boys are playing pool with Dustin's dad)


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