Saturday, April 02, 2005

Miss Manners

Miss Manners Posted by Hello

Dustin and I have been trying to teach manners to Annabelle. We have let little things slide for quite a while, partly due to laziness, partly due to how funny it is to hear her unpolished vocabulary. For instance, when she passes gas, she would normally just laugh and yell, "Tooties!!! I farted!! Ha ha ha!!" Now, when she passes gas, she laughs, says, "Excuse me, I farted!!! Tooties!!!"

When she goes to the bathroom, she likes us to help her with the toilet paper, because she is terribly afraid of getting too much. So when Annabelle has to go to the bathroom, this is what you would normally hear:
"Daddy! Come wipe my butt!!! Mama! Wipe my butt now, I'm finished!"

Pleasant, right? Dustin does not like being bossed around by our little sailor-mouthed girl.
So tonight, I hear her little voice calling, "Daddy, come wipe my butt now", and Dustin says, "Annabelle, you need to ASK me for help." So she lowers her voice, and in her most serious, polite tone, says, "Daddy, will you please please come wipe my butt please?" Not exactly what Dustin had in mind, but it will work for today.


At 4/03/2005 3:03 PM, Blogger Hayley said...

hey this is hayley i havent talked to yall in a while..she has grown up!


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