Saturday, May 21, 2005

the big sneeze

the big sneeze Posted by Hello

Today Dustin was showing me something sweet that Bella does. She grabs him by his cheeks and pulls him to her face and gives him a tiny little kiss. He asked her to give him two kisses, so she grabs his cheeks, pulls his face to hers....and SNEEZES into his mouth!!! :) It was the funniest thing I've ever seen!! Bella and I laughed SOOOOO hard, watching Dustin run and start spitting in the sink.

5 minutes later I was still doing the little "sighing laughs" and Dustin glared at me (jokingly). He said, "That's all I am to you, isn't it? Blog Material."

The funny thing is that at that exact moment, I was thinking to myself "I have the perfect sneeze picture to go with this story for my blog." He knows me too well...


At 5/21/2005 7:47 AM, Blogger deby said...

i love how close your family is.
Have a wonderful Saturday!

At 5/21/2005 4:54 PM, Blogger joy madison said...

cute picture!!!! and of course, hilarious story!

At 5/21/2005 9:06 PM, Anonymous suzanne said...

This is so funny. :) What a darling photo, Mindi!

At 5/22/2005 10:29 PM, Blogger TA TA said...

Oh what a neat picture - I am just glad that Dustin gives you great material to "blog" about..

At 5/22/2005 10:29 PM, Blogger TA TA said...

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