Wednesday, July 26, 2006

on sunday we decided to drive up the mountain to have a picnic. we invited amy and sal and baby J (of course) and our friends paul and ashley and their two kids.

the picnic didn't last too long, b/c there is a little scenic train that gives rides around the mountain, and it happened to pass right by our picnic table. of course, my little train lover couldn't handle just looking at the train, we HAD to ride it, so we packed up and headed to buy our tickets.

julian was in heaven. he "woot woot-ed" during the entire ride. his little eyes were so sparkly and happy. annabelle sat next to him, obviously bored. she complained about the heat and about still being hungry. but we couldn't rob julian of his precious train ride. when it was over, the conductor let julian sit in his seat (for a quick picture)

after the train ride, we headed to the wildlife rescue and let the kids pet baby deer, and look (from afar) at a bear (who was in mating season...he was quite restless) lots of squirrels and birds, a crocodile, snakes, bobcats, red and grey foxes (the grey one slept in the tree above our heads) and my favorite...this little owl.

annabelle's favorite part was petting the baby deer and feeding them milk from the bottle. one kept trying to eat her shirt, but she didn't let her fear of being devoured by a fawn get in the way of pretending to be dr. doolittle.

julian grew bored quickly (my kids definitely know what they like and don't like) and tried to get random people to take him back to the train. his ticket was free, so if i was sure he wouldn't try to jump off, i would have just let him ride all day. now that would be a cheap baby-sitter, eh?

on the way to the car, i saw a bird feather. i knew it was something that bella would have thought was cool, but when i showed it to juju he said, "oh." i said, "juju touch it, it's really soft" and so he did and quickly threw it on the ground, exclaiming, "yuck! caca!"

when we got in the car, i told mom about it and bella yelled, "What???? A bird feather!??? You should have kept it for me, for my collection!!!"

yep, my kids definitely know what they like.

p.s. my pictures won't upload on blogger anymore (in 2 days) is anybody else having problems with it??


At 7/28/2006 12:07 AM, Blogger Mi'Chelle said...

what a fun picnic. I love the train and the darling little deer with one ear. YOur kids are darling.

I'm glad to see Bella up and around. I was wondering how she was doing today.

I never even try to load my pics on blogger - I just use Flickr. But I hear that others have been having problems, too (via the Pub)

At 7/28/2006 11:50 AM, Blogger joy madison said...

oooooooooooh, love that Owl photo!!! So cool! Jaylie is a collecter. She collects: pinecones, candy wrappers, and treasures:) I love it!


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