Wednesday, January 31, 2007

my blog is MOVING!!!!!

after lots of problems with blogger i've decided to move my blog, so update your bookmarks, because i won't be here anymore...


Monday, January 29, 2007

juju and cj

they could be brothers, couldn't they? i was flipping through old pictures tonight, and i found this one of my brother, C.J.
the haircut, squinty eye smile, wrinkled little nose, same chin...
i love these boys.

Friday, January 26, 2007

finally, a chance to share a few photos :) yay! still no internet, but i am working on it right now.

this is ezra at 8 days old. he is approximately twice this size now, with a very impressive double chin. if he let me pull him away from eating long enough to take a (good) new picture, i would post it and you would be amazed.

i did find one other little snapshot, from his 5th week, but it doesn't do his chin any justice.

julian turned 3 this week. we had a wonderful night (although bella had a really hard time not having 100% attention focused on her for that one day out of the year). Julian has really turned into such an amazing, loving, fun little boy. he still has a few wild temper flare ups throughout the day, but all in all, he is pretty easy right now. (easy compared to a 4 year old with the emotional sensitivity of a menopausal woman, and a 7 week old baby vacuum) i love him and his creative little mind. i love that he loves to play "dress up", even if that means that he has to be the "little princess" since there aren't cool boy dress up costumes. fortunately, uncle blair and stephanie sent us this little pirate gig for christmas, and he can take off the tiara and replace it with a skull n crossbones eye patch. we also found him an inflatable Superman costume for his birthday and it is so hilarious to watch him try to play in that massive thing. pictures will come soon.

little annabelle. she is such a sweet, perfect girl, but i never would have predicted the mood swings that a 4 year old could have. she goes from affectionate little mommy hen, reading books to bossy little tyrant, commanding julian to "clean up your mess, or you won't be doing ANYTHING fun again, EVER!!!"
her interests are changing, and she wants nothing more than friends right now. julian, ezra and a couple of hamsters just aren't cutting it for her anymore. every outing results in a new friendship, Samantha from IKEA, Isabelle and Sierra from the mall. but to be honest, Isabelle and Sierra deserved a good kick in the head. In observing their catty-ness toward my little Annabelle, I really started fearing Annabelle's upcoming kindergarten enrollment. are all girls so mean? so bratty? thankfully, annabelle is still so sweet, trying to have fun, rolling in the floor while pretending to be a dalmation puppy. Isabelle and Sierra would NOT play "puppies". they only liked "princesses".
i was so annoyed as Annabelle did everything that they told her to do, playing all of their games. and during a game of hide and seek (after intentionally ignoring bella for 10 minutes) they told annabelle to go hide her eyes and "count to 800 40". then they laughed and walked away. little shits. pardon my language, but seriously. annabelle ran to hide her eyes, and then looked sadly at me and said, "mama, i don't know how to count that much." i told her, "count to 10...the blond one is hiding behind the slide".
fortunately, annabelle took it so well and was just grateful to have friends her age to play with. we went home and she said, "i'm gonna pretend that those two girls are coming to my house for a sleepover."
now more than ever, i am praying for annabelle to be a girl that is filled with compassion and integrity, and i am praying for genuine friends for her. friends that love to play dalmation puppies, and pet shop, and other 4 year old girl games. friends that love annabelle for the caring sweet girl that she is. with her personality, i am positive that she will draw the right people to her.

oh, and julian pushed Isabella. apparently she said something mean, and he had heard enough. i reprimanded him...but not too much.

Friday, January 05, 2007

i am in austin.
i have no internet.
i have broken into my mother in law's house and have taken over her computer temporarily.
i lied...i used a key.
i have no pictures on her computer.
next week. next week i hope to have my internet back. and then there will be pictures.

family updates:

dustin is a lifesaver, and has taken over morning duty with the two kids that actually sleep during the dark hours. he has also spring-cleaned the entire house, which was no small task. and when i say entire, i'm talking organized closets and kitchen and office...he is my superhero.

annabelle is madly in love with her new hamsters, Kiki and Wendy, and bursts out in uncontrollable tears if we don't let her hold them all the time. she has also perfected a "cooing baby voice" that i have only ever heard her use with ezra. it is precious.

julian is wonderful. he seems so gigantic to me now that ezra is here. everything, his head, his huge feet and hands, his thick little legs. he seemed so small for so long and now he reminds me of a tiny version of my dad, with brown eyes. which is kind of weird to feel like you are parenting a tiny version of your father. he loves ezra too, and the hamsters, regardless of the fact that he almost squeezed the eyeballs out of Kiki's head last night. have you seen "Of Mice and Men"?

Lenny is to mice as Julian is to hamsters.

ezra is beautiful. even when he is covered in yellow poo and spit up milk. he is a big fan of not sleeping when i want him to, but he loves to dance and eat and take baths. he is no longer my tiny one, and is very pleasantly plump, especially his chubby little face. he is far from a gerber baby, but also far from the skinny baby chicken that we brought home from the hospital.

mindi is tired. very very tired. but very very happy.

more fun updates soon, promise.