Monday, April 24, 2006

she's here!!!! :)

Jocelyn Nicole
7 lbs. 6 1/2 oz.
20 in.
April 24, 2006 2:14 pm

Look at all that hair! I'm really bummed that i missed out on the delivery, but i will get to see her Thursday and Friday. Wait for about 5 million pictures of this dark eyed beauty! :)

Amy is doing great, and it's reported that she delivered this little girl after about 20 minutes of pushing and NO DRUGS! She is a trooper and I am so so so proud of her.

These are pictures my mom emailed me tonight. I'm pretty impressed, as my mom is not the most tech savvy lady out there, but she did it! yea mom! :) This is Jocelyn with her Mommy, Uncle CJ and Pop. More to come soon with Tata, Poppy, her Daddy, and of course, all of my tribe.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Juju, Luther and a train

We went to my parents house for Easter. It was so much fun, the first time in ages that my entire family was together. CJ, Salomon and Dustin were hanging around CJ's truck, listening to the new Flaming Lips CD, while me and Amy and my parents were watching the kids run wild in the yard.

My parents live VERY close to the railroad tracks, so we can hear a train coming several minutes before it actually appears. Julian, the train lover that he is, can hear a train even sooner than the rest of us. As soon as we hear the slightest whistle, or rumble from the tracks, he darts to the edge of the yard to watch the train.

This time, Luther laid aside his hyperactive personality and joined him in the grass, watching the entire train go by. When it was over, they hopped up and started running wildly around the yard again.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

i ordered our Austin City Limits festival tickets a couple of weeks ago. when you order these things, you just believe that there are going to be great bands there, as they don't release the lineup until after the tickets are sold.

well, i found out today that i will be seeing AT LEAST:

the flaming lips
ben harper
iron and wine

those three alone are enough to make my ticket worth the money. i am doing the internal happy dance right now. wahooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

waiting on a phone call from CJ as to whether he needs me to order a ticket for him.

Susan B---you and Jer gonna go??? :) September 15-17

i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

talking politics with Bella and Poppy

conversation between Bella and Poppy last week, while coloring pictures with markers:

Bella: Poppy, remember to put the lids back on the markers when you are finished.

Poppy: Bella, who told you that?

Bella: Um...Tata.

Poppy: Well, Bella, is Tata the boss?

Bella: no.

Poppy: Then who is the boss?

Bella: Um, I don't really think there is a boss.

Poppy: Bella, are you a communist?

Bella: no.

Poppy: Are you a socialist?

Bella: no.

Poppy: Are you a fascist?

Bella: um...Yeah! I am the fastest color-er around!

5 Things

5 things in my fridge:
1. spinach (bella calls them leaves)
2. cucumbers
3. half a chocolate bunny
4. Ezekiel bread
5. brummel and brown spread

5 things in my closet:
1. video camera
2. lots of flip flops
3. scrapbook supplies
4. rubbermaid tubs filled with clothes that are too big, too small, too ugly, and maternity...but i'm not willing to throw any of it out yet...
5. lots of books that won't fit on our bookshelves

5 things in my purse:
1. my cutie pie corduroy Roxy wallet
2. a small, red/white Clinique (free gift) zipper bag to hold change
3. my ipod
4. a recent speeding ticket :(
5. my camera's instructional manual

5 things in my car:
1. 4 photography books
2. pearl earrings that Dustin gave me on our wedding day (i don't know why, they've been in the change holder for about 4 months now???)
3. ipod dock
4. 2 carseats
5. picture of me and my sister Amy from 5 years ago (i had curly hair)

5 things on my TiVo: (okay, so i don't have TiVo, but if I did then this is probably what would be on it....also assuming that i had more than 12 basic channels)
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Lost
4. probably some silly MTV reality show like Real World or Road Rules or RW/RR Challenge
5. Amazing Race

i tag: Everybody that wants to play :) if you don't have a blog (or don't update it...MOM) email it to me :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

any day now....

Baby Jocelyn will be here any day now. Amy is doing great, having contractions occasionally and progressing so nicely. I have my fingers crossed for Saturday, since I will be off for the weekend to celebrate our 6th anniversary! :) Come on baby Jocelyn, we're ready to meet you!!

These pictures are from Easter. I had really harsh sunlight and shadows in Mom's yard, and I've messed with the second photo until I was ready to throw it out. But if she has the baby before I see her again, I won't get to re-shoot it, so there it is.

Monday, April 10, 2006

shameless plug :)

while i was in florida, dustin took the kids to poppy and tata's house for the weekend.
while they were spoiled mercilessly, he went to our friend jeremiah brewer's house and recorded a 3 song demo cd. jeremiah did an amazing job, and dustin didn't do so shabby himself. all three songs are just wonderful, written by dustin with some backup from jeremiah and his wife susan. they even played the kazoo on one song :)

my absolute favorite is a song called "Oklahoma". it will make you cry. i cry everytime i listen to it, but it is really beautiful. he wrote it based on stories that his grandpa used to tell him as a little boy.

one song, called "No Difference" is actual taken directly from a Shel Silverstein poem. Dustin is the master story reader in our house. we read lots of Shel Silverstein books, and one night he just started putting music to a couple of poems. "No Difference" is the result, and it's so much fun. (look for annabelle's picture on his site, when this song is playing)

finally, dustin's favorite is "Television Radio Star". He wrote it one weekend a couple of years ago, when i had taken the kids away for the weekend so he could have some "creative time". The lyrics are really powerful and direct, and the song sounds like something you would hear on the radio station. maybe someday soon... :)

anyways, if you are interested in listening to it (i highly recommend it) click here--->dustin
you might have trouble hearing the songs if you are on dial up, but otherwise it should work. let me know if it doesn't, b/c he's still trying to work out some of the kinks on the site.

and that, my friends, is the inside scoop. :)

oh, and if you hate it, don't tell me. i love it. :)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

we had a sweet day. i didn't get home until around 7 pm and we still had a good hour and a half of sunshine. i LOVE this time of year.

we had a "picnic" in the front yard, on an old quilt. it's a lovely quilt, that looks very worn and loved, but i have no clue how we got it. i just know that when dustin and i left for our honeymoon, we came home to a house full of wedding gifts and a bed made with this quilt, as though somebody found it in our house and assumed it was ours. weird.

our "picnic" consisted of "Kashi" honey sesame crackers, my favorite. Bella calls them "Power crackers", because they are full of good healthy stuff. we also split 6 monterey jack/cheddar cheese cubes. it was one of the best picnics we've had in a long time.

the kids found a pile of rocks in some bushes, and tried to drag them all onto the sidewalk, building what started out to be a "rock train" and ended up a misshapen "balentime heart". After the heart was finished, Annabelle smiled big and told us all "Happy balentimes day, here's a heart for you". super sweet.

a kind older man kept riding his bicycle close to our spot, smiling at Annabelle's incessant talking. He finally stopped and Julian ran to him, hands out, wanting to see his bike up close. This boy loves anything with wheels attached.

The mans name was Vincent. He is from Louisiana, about 25 miles from New Orleans. He lost his home in the hurricane, along with all of his grown children's homes. He has 8 children, and all but two of them now live here in our area. He had a strong accent (italian? no idea) and smiley eyes. He seemed very kind, although he was positive that Julian was a girl. (time for another haircut) He let Julian ride on his bicycle and tried to get a few words out of him. He said Annabelle was obviously the talker in the family.

(all the while, Annabelle is in the background chattering constantly, "my name is annabelle, my daddy is dustin and he's inside the house playing the guitar, i'm 4 years old and just had my birthday and this is juju and this is my momma, but her name is mindi, we live in apartment number one...." and on and on and on.)

he rode on his way, and promised to come visit soon with his little grandson.

the sun finally set and we cleaned up our messes and headed inside for dinner.
although autumn is my favorite season, tonight made me hopeful for a long spring.

kids working hard on their "train"

annabelle waving to an airplane in the sky
("mama, i bet that airplane is going to florida, like you did")

Juju always had to pick up the biggest rocks.
the overalls that he is wearing belonged to me and CJ when we were kids.
they are a bit too short for him now, but i just needed a picture of him in them before he outgrew them completely. as Bella says, "mama, we're growin up."

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

good to be home

i had a pretty funny picture of dustin that i wanted to add to this little collage, but he's not home right now, and i've been forbidden to post any pictures of him without his consent. party pooper. :)

my trip was fabulous and beautiful and lovely and it was so wonderful to see sweet friends and my great friend, the ocean. i will try to update soon. :) right now work, and this crazy family of mine is keeping me super busy. talk to you all soon.

oh yeah, and i didn't even come close to dying in a plane crash. but i did have to sit next to a sour smelling man (while i almost hyperventilated from claustrophobia in a cramped window seat) who stared at me for 45 minutes straight (but averted his eyes every time i glared at him) and then ordered tomato juice for his in-flight drink. i loathe the smell of tomato juice. but at least it slightly masked his sour body odor.

at one point, i thought a plane crash would have been funner for me, and then prayed fervently for God's forgiveness and asked that He understand that i didn't really want to die, just lose the sense of smell for the duration of the flight. He only answered one of those prayers. and i nearly vomited when the plane finally landed.