Monday, May 29, 2006


cutie juju

i feel refreshed. after a long couple of weeks, i got a three day weekend, and my sweetie pie parents invited us out of town, got us a hotel room where we swam and played and watched "Over the Hedge" with the kiddos. (hilarious kids movie, by the way...we laughed so hard)

The only bummer was that i got a little nauseous during our lunch at Olive Garden and couldn't really enjoy my pasta. The one thing i truly love...eating large quantities of carbohydrates...and i couldn't even do that. bummer. i made up for it at Outback by ordering the "Chocolate Thunder From Down Under".

Annabelle took over the last few bites of my CTFDU (a huge warm brownie covered in ice cream and chocolate sauce and whipped cream...) and I told her that she should really share with Poppy. She hovered over her brownie and said, "Well...I don't think Poppy really wants a bite...DO YOU Poppy?" She raised her eyebrow at him, secretly hoping he would say that he was too full from dinner to indulge in her sweet treat.

He informed her that actually, he would love a bite, so she sweetly passed him her plate. He was scraping a good amount of brownie and ice cream onto his spoon when she declared, "Well don't eat ALL of it!"

After that, she made sure that she was the only one that would serve bites to Poppy. Very very tiny morsels of brownie on the tip of her spoon.

We got to keep baby Jocelyn for a few hours while Amy and Salomon went to a movie. Super fun. That little girl LOVES me. :)

Then I bribed my dad to smoke some BBQ for me and this baby love nugget in my belly since that's what we seem to be craving right now, and had a super time with my sweetie pie family.

Even Dustin didn't drive me crazy and I thank him for that. I can't say the same for myself. He may have wanted to hurt me after abandoning him at the mall with both of our little monster children (high on sugar, i might add) to go perfume shopping with my mom.

But I smell delicious. :) And he doesn't seem to mind that...

I better get to bed, I have a long day of standing around and doing nothing at work tomorrow.

Friday, May 19, 2006

i'm drained. i work 10 days in a row before my next day off. i'm nauseous 24 hours a day and i've gotten some kind of ear infection.

i'm in no mood to blog or read or be remotely interesting. i just want to sleep.

sorry to whine, just having a rough week. i'm probably not going to get a chance to blog again until next weekend, so here's a picture of cutie pie kids until i get back. sorry for the downer.

the best part of my day was coming home to the kids, and seeing Julian with Bella's Dora undies on his head. he was also wearing bella's blue/white polka dot p.j. bottoms and a bright pink shirt. dustin said that he changed his clothes 5 times before Julian INSISTED on wearing Bella's things. It felt like I had two little girls running around the house tonight. these kids are too much fun. :)

one more thing...ACL lineup is out, and it is going to be GOOD. you can click on the ACL Festival link to the right to see who's going to be there. despite being 6 1/2 months pregnant in the Austin heat...i predict a very very very good time is going to be had. :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Dustin went out of town Monday and Tuesday, leaving me to fend for myself against these crazy children. I did everything I could to make sure we had fun, making pizza and popsicles for lunch, watching movies, playing games. Annabelle, however, was quick to point out all the things that I did differently from Daddy.

Annabelle was giving me attitude about me not giving her a snack before dinner.
"Daddy ALWAYS lets us have snacks before dinner."

I told her that I gave her a popsicle when she woke up from her nap. She informed me that a popsicle was a "special treat", but a snack was like raisins and kix or crackers and cheese.

I told her, "No. You will not get a snack, I'm making dinner right now."

She said, "FINE! I don't want ANY dinner!"

I told her that was okay, there would be more for me and Julian. Then I reached for the spaghetti out of the cabinet.

She hovered around the kitchen a few more minutes and then politely asked,
"Mama, what's for dinner?"

I said, "Juju and Mama are having spaghetti."

She said, "Oh. I think I will have some dinner tonight."

I asked, "Bella? I thought you didn't want ANY?"

She shrugged and said, "i didn't know you were going to make my FAVORITE dinner."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

don't quit your day job

last week at work, a little boy (maybe 4 or 5 years old) came to me and said,
"I remember you."
I said, "you do?" and smiled, assuming I had helped him in the store before.
he said, "Yeah. I saw you on TV."
I was a bit surprised. "TV? Really? What was I doing on TV?"
He said, "Oh, singing...and all kinds of stuff. I think you are a movie star."

I just smiled. The kid was so cute and sincere.
he really thought i was a movie star. with a day job working retail. :)

Monday, May 08, 2006

the scoop

thanks so much for all your well wishes :) we really appreciate them. we wanted to keep it a secret a bit longer, but our little bella....she was too excited. turns out that she told EVERY visitor to my parents house during her visit last week.

see, the whole point of waiting to announce our news, was to not take away attention from sweet Jocelyn's arrival. however, every one of Jocelyn's visitors asked Annabelle, "Bella, so what do you think about this sweet baby?" and her standard answer was a quickly spoken run-on sentence (I'm sure so nobody could stop her):
"you now what i think, i think my momma's gonna have a baby and it's a secret and it's only this big (thumb and forefinger indicating one inch) and it's in her belly RIGHT NOW!!!"

so yeah, i guess our gig is up. we're due sometime in December. no clue when. it could actually even be November or January for all I know. I've never been that good at remembering some things. So my best guess is mid-December, until I can see a doctor and get a better idea.

One day while visiting baby Jocelyn, Julian woke up from a nap to an empty house. He came to me sleepily and pointed to J's bassinet. "ba-bee saw-a man?" (he calls her baby Salomon, which is her daddy's name) I told him that Baby Jocelyn went bye-bye.

For some reason, I thought it would be a good time to let him in on the little secret. I said, "Juju, did you know that Mama has a baby in her belly?"

Juju touched my belly, a little confused, and started crying. Seriously, boo-hooing. At first I thought he was mourning the loss of his role as the Baby of the family, and then I realized my mistake. He thought I had eaten Baby Jocelyn.

Once she came back to the house, he was much relieved, and has been carrying around the baby doll that Mom got the kids for Christmas ever since. He is intent on being a good big brother to this new little one. I just have to teach him that we don't carry babies around by their legs.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Thursday, May 04, 2006

just a few... more to come :)

Jocelyn's "angry eyes"

Bella: "Amy, why do Jocelyn's eyes look like that?"

Amy: "What do they look like?"

Bella: "Really...angry."

the big sneeze

this little girl has the loudest sneeze in the whole family. we call them "poppy sneezes", because only my dad can compete with hers.

sorry for neglecting the blog, i'll be back soon, we've just had a house full of sick people and we've been hanging out at my parents house with this little girl, and there is no internet access there right now.

lots of pictures and funny stories to share soon, but first, i must hurry to work.

talk soon! :)