Wednesday, November 16, 2005

wrinkle defense

So, since turning 26, I've made up my mind to get serious about taking care of my body. Little things like a good skin care routine, taking care of my teeth, exercise, etc. I paid almost $60 last week on Clinique skin care stuff, that better work some freakin miracles...

Today, I help this little old lady at work, pick out an outfit for her grandson. She was so nice, and thanked me so much for helping her. After she paid, she looked me in the eyes and said,

"I've got some advice for you. You probably don't need it now, but you will in the future...
I am 78 years old and I don't have very many wrinkles. " (she then pauses, looks around as if to make sure nobody is eavesdropping on our conversation) She then says,

"You wanna know my secret?"

I nod my head enthusiastically.

She replies, "NEVER...wear a bra! Your titties will sag so low, that they'll just pull all the wrinkles right out of your face!"

I almost peed my pants. I hope I'm a funny old lady some the not too near future.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

the pink dragon and brother bear Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

it's my birthday :)

*photo fun
*city park
*el chico's tortilla soup
*mall to see friends
*Chicken Little and lots of junk food
*nachos for dinner
*chocolate cake by bella and daddy
*sweet sweet day. :)
happy birthday to me! *26*

Monday, November 07, 2005


These are a couple of shots from my hometown. (though illegal, we ignored the "no trespassing" sign for about 5 minutes, and I'm so glad i did. she loved it here) Annabelle and I had a girls weekend and went home for my sister's wedding shower. We have another shower on Friday (the bridal shower) but I think Bella may be a bit too young to attend that one! ;)

Annabelle had been really difficult on the day that we were leaving to come back home. She never wants to leave Poppy and Tata's house, and cries and begs to stay with them. "I WANNA GO TO YOURS HOUSE TATA!!! I DON"T LIKE MY HOUSE! JUST 1 MORE MINUTE!!!" followed by long wails and huge alligator tears, dripping all over her carseat. It's very difficult for me, because I want to understand and sympathize and reason with her, and at the same time, she is kicking the DVD player in the backseat and screaming in shrill voices. She never has tantrums like this anymore, she has outgrown them, until it is time to leave her beloved Poppy and Tata.

On this day, I lost my temper and yelled at her to "BE QUIET!" and then cranked the radio up loudly, to drown out her screams. She finally calmed down after a few minutes of driving, and as I passed this lake, I knew we needed to stop and "regroup" before heading home. She gave me 5 minutes of precious behavior, apologizing to me and asking me to "forgib" her. And I immediately did.

Then we went back to Tata's office, so that she could apologize for her behavior, and say goodbye like a big girl. With promises to visit again soon, and a piece of sugarfree Trident (oh yes, no more sugar for her for a looong time) we made our way home much happier and lighter.
That evening, she woke up screaming and yelling, refusing to be comforted. I was asleep (Dustin was working on the computer) and I was sleeping hard. I had to work in the morning and I was very impatient. I KNEW that it was a restless thing. She had no nap, 2 days in a row, and mucho sugar, but it still just made me angry. I wanted her to BE QUIET, and let me sleep, and eventually she did. I woke up in the morning with a heavy heart. I knew I had been too short with her. I needed to kiss her and tell her it was okay, but I didn't want to wake her up after her late night, so I stayed in the bathroom, getting ready for work.

A minute later, I heard a noise, and looked down to see a small hand, wriggling 4 fingers under the bathroom door. She was waving at me. I opened the door to a bright smile, and she said, "LOOK WHO'S AWAKE!" I kissed her and picked her up and before I could apologize, she grabbed my hand and said, "Mommy, I'm so sorry I was yellin last night. Will you forgib me?" I almost started crying. I asked her to forgive me too, and kissed her and she smiled and said, "Let's just be frie-yends" (yes, she is developing a slight southern accent)

And so we are. Frie-yends.