Thursday, April 07, 2005

child like faith

sweet grace child Posted by Hello

Annabelle is trying to figure out this whole "God thing". Sometimes when we pray together, she just looks at me like I'm nuts, like, "WHO are you talking to?" And other times, her faith is just incredible.

I am, by nature, a doubter, a worrier. I know it doesn't help anything or anybody to worry, but I don't know how to turn it off at times. I feel like if something rough is going on, at least I'm doing SOMETHING. I'm showing that I think it is important enough to dwell on for days at a time.

But Annabelle, she has it down. If you have a need, just ask Jesus. And then don't think about it anymore. She has complete trust that her needs will be met.

When we first moved to Mexico, we didn't have a place to live. We were drifting from hotel to hotel until we stayed at Dustin's dad's house for a few days. I was stressing out one day in the car waiting for Dustin, and I heard Bella in the backseat, entirely on her own, start praying:

"Dear Jesus. Please get a house for Mommy and Daddy and me and Juju...OH YEAH! And some play-doh! Amen-en, Amen-en"

It brought tears to my eyes. And at that point, I knew her faith was big enough to take care of the house situation. I relaxed, and just looked forward to unpacking.

She does use Jesus to induce a little guilt every now and then. For instance, Dustin likes to joke that he is going to eat her baby feetsies with some BBQ sauce. The first time she played the "Jesus Card", she really laid it on thick.

"No! I am just a little girl, and Jesus made me and He said you can't eat my feet! If you do, you will make Jesus sad."

Since then, Dustin has threatened to eat her feet several times a day. She just scowls, gives him "angry eyes" and says, "Jesus says NO."

Joking aside, I am really proud of her. I believe that her faith has really brought some great things to our family, and believe that even more good is to come in the future...and by the way...we did find a house that is perfect for me and Dustin and Bella and Juju...and some play-doh.


At 4/07/2005 7:46 AM, Blogger K said...

she is sooooo adorable and you are so good at capturing those sweet expressions your kids have. such talent!

I laughed at the "WHO are you talking to?" comment. That's cute. My kids seem to understand that there is a God. They say their little prayers before bed. Zach seems to always add "thanks for the great food" in there somewhere. I guess he thinks since we pray for the food, he's gotta thank God for that every time he prays. It's cute. Children are so filled with hope and faith and love. So innocent and not clouded by all the daily worries we are. I love that.

Have a beautiful day!
• Kris

At 4/07/2005 10:14 AM, Blogger amazing grace said...

Very inspiring and encouraging to read. Kids are incredible. If only we could daily have "child-like faith"...

At 4/08/2005 12:46 PM, Blogger Valerie Dykstra said...

This is really sweet. I've tried for several days to write a note, but couldn't access blogger comments. Go figure.

You pictures are phenomenal.


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