Wednesday, April 13, 2005

*coffeehouse parties*

*coffeehouse party* Posted by Hello

I miss my friends.

I grew up (and have lived most of my life) in a very small population 400ish. I "moved on up" to a larger town of about 5000 when I got married, but needless to say, there's not a whole lot going on there. A wal-mart, mcdonalds, a thousand churches and carwashes...a couple of great mexican restaurants...but that's about it. Nothing that really stays open past 8pm! (except for that Super WM!)

However, I feel like I have had an advantage. I've had to create my own fun...not buy it. My summers as a teenager were a blast. Swimming hours in my bestfriends pool with all of our friends, bonfires, weekend after weekend of "girls nights out" (cause none of us had boyfriends), movie festivals, trips to the city for "karaoke night" and virgin daiquiri's...and coffeehouse parties.

The coffeehouse parties rocked. I have such talented, funny friends. Since we obviously don't have a Starbuck's, we would create our own, either in Katie/Jane's place, Ben's house, Misty's (if parent's were away), and most recently Paul/Ash's house. Once even in our little church...oh the talent that came out that night!

Coffee is abundant, tables piled high with baked goods, and Little Debbies (that my brother would stash massive amounts of in his pockets for the ride home) and hours of entertainment. Mostly hilarious poems, scribbled quickly on a napkin in the back bedroom or kitchen, silly songs, played on guitar and the occasional accompanying toy keyboard, all followed with *snaps* of applause. CJ would have us rolling, Ben and Randy would have us crying for more, Dustin would have us scratching our heads in confused wonder at where he comes up with this stuff...and don't even get me started on Paul...Tyler's songs were always a hit, the favorites played and replayed for stragglers... "The Band that is Better than Everybody Else" would usually make a rockin appearance. Good clean fun...

My last coffeehouse party was in mid-January, to celebrate my friend Katie coming in from Florida to grace us with her lovely rocked, and was followed by hours of fun girl talk between me and Katie and Ash...I miss my friends.

We're soon to be moving to a larger town, one that has a Starbuck's or friend Ben even works at the coolest one in B&N. But I'm confident that our coffeehouse parties will be here to stay. There's just too much fun to be had, memories to be made, silly songs and poems to be written...and we may just revive "The Band that is Better than Everybody Else"...if only we could all actually play our instruments...


At 4/14/2005 3:05 PM, Blogger amazing grace said...

I am getting ready to move to a smaller town that probaly won't have Starbucks---it was fun to read this post....hoping I find a fun alternative!

cuz I am definitely addicted to starbucks!


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