Tuesday, April 12, 2005


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We were on our way inside, when they spotted the water shooting out of the ground. They were mesmerized. Annabelle's eyes pleaded with me, "please mama, just one minute?" Julian didn't plead, he just ran. Straight into the shower of ice water...his shoulders bunched up around his ears, the cold water hitting the most sensitive spot on his little baby boy body, his back (the other sensitive spot, strategically covered by a Huggies diaper).

Annabelle took her cue from Julian and skipped to the water, but her toes felt the cold before it could hit her back. She ran back to my side, and laughed at Julian, who was just too immature to understand that he could walk out of the cold as quickly as he walked into it.

She pranced around a bit more, trying to overcome her sensitivity to the cold, but it couldn't be done...not today...maybe tomorrow when it is hotter. "I'll save it for later", she said, as she does about everything that she doesn't want to do, but still wants the option to do it if she so decides. Like when she is eating her lunch, and she's not that hungry, but wants me to know that I am not to throw it away or feed it to Juju...."save it for later".

Julian just laughed and laughed and tried to drink the water (a big no-no that he doesn't understand) I retrieved him from the sprinkler, just before it turned into a miserable experience and headed inside to explain to Dustin, why the little critters that just had their bath are once again, soaking wet...

It was a fun day.


At 4/13/2005 9:21 PM, Blogger TA TA said...

That's JUJU the Brave Strong Man , and Bella sounds like she takes after her Tata - likes the water but wants it to be hot before getting in...and like her Mom - Juju must take after Uncle
So sweet just to see his little shoulders shuddering...


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