Wednesday, June 08, 2005

adventures of a toilet lovin boy

so Julian loves toilets. he likes to stick his little hands in them and splash around, even if his sister is sitting on it. Her little booty doesn't take up much room, so he tries to squeeze behind the toilet and splash in the water. Fortunately, I've caught him before she's actually done her business.

Well, yesterday I left Mom's bedroom door slightly open, and Julian sees it immediately. He waits for the perfect timing...Dustin's doing laundry. I think Julian has gone into the laundry room, Dustin doesn't see him streaking down the hall and within 2 minutes, Dustin comes into the living room...alone.

"Where's Juju?" I ask.
Dustin shrugs and glances into the kitchen.

I RUN down the hall, into Mom's bedroom, and it's too late. He is in her bathroom. The door is closed. (he is quite sharp. he thinks that nobody will find him if he shuts the door behind him) I open the door and GASP at the new fun play he is having.

He is sitting INSIDE the toilet. Like it is his own personal baby swimming pool. He is splashing and grabbing things off of the counter and dropping them into the toilet. He drops a large battery into the toilet, and then picks it up and shoves it into his mouth. (as if a child should be playing with a battery that hasn't been in toilet water)

gross. gross. double gross. have i ever mentioned that i have a terrible fear of bathrooms. not really a fear, but anything having to do with bathrooms disgust me. a piece of furniture that is entirely for pooping into? gross. hair on the floor? carpeted bathroom mats with wet spots from hair-covered shower feet? GROSS.

He goes straight into the bathtub (after I take about 10 pictures...i'll have to share on the blog, right?) Dustin cleans up the watery toilet mess. I scrub his stinky little toilet feet for 20 minutes and am still convinced that I smell poo all over him.

I'll be posting pictures as soon as I can get them onto Mom's computer (as if everybody doesn't have a strong enough mental image in their head of my toilet water soaked boy)

ahhh...the daily adventures of a monkey-boy's mother...


At 6/09/2005 12:16 AM, Blogger joy madison said...


At 6/09/2005 6:51 AM, Blogger deby said...

I tell you Mindy - you have got to get him together with Gil's son Carter! They would be best friends for life!

At 6/09/2005 8:10 AM, Blogger The Gallaghers said...

Let a boy have a little fun! This is too funny. H and G laughed and laughed when we read it together this morning.

At 6/09/2005 11:22 AM, Blogger said...

ok, two things: that is sooo funny
& i'm glad i won't be reproducing anytime soon. looking forward to the pics, hehe:)

At 6/09/2005 12:23 PM, Blogger Christoper the most generic name ever said...

That is so cool. Just like a little boy. You just wait that is just a glimpse of things to come. Boys have that kind of nature. They are just wild at heart. Cute Cute

At 6/09/2005 2:39 PM, Anonymous Suzy_Q said...

Oh my gosh, I would have freaked! How funny! I'm sure Poppie and TaTa got a good laugh too. What did Bella think? Your children are very entertaining....that is so cool! Have you kept a journal of all these wild and crazy adventures? Susan

At 6/09/2005 7:50 PM, Anonymous Angelea said...

Mindy!!! I am so glad you are back. Where have you been. I am hooked on your blog. Your kids are great and funny, but don't leave me hanging for so long! Ha!

At 6/10/2005 12:05 AM, Blogger ret said...

Very funny. I was thinking of Carter too! [And I just saw Carter tonight!]I wasn't terribly grossed out until he put that battery in his mouth...ugh! And the telling was well done...wouldn't be a good time for one of those germ trivia calendars I guess, huh?

At 6/11/2005 12:18 PM, Blogger Steph said...

Thats very cute, but gross, but still very very cute


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