Monday, April 10, 2006

shameless plug :)

while i was in florida, dustin took the kids to poppy and tata's house for the weekend.
while they were spoiled mercilessly, he went to our friend jeremiah brewer's house and recorded a 3 song demo cd. jeremiah did an amazing job, and dustin didn't do so shabby himself. all three songs are just wonderful, written by dustin with some backup from jeremiah and his wife susan. they even played the kazoo on one song :)

my absolute favorite is a song called "Oklahoma". it will make you cry. i cry everytime i listen to it, but it is really beautiful. he wrote it based on stories that his grandpa used to tell him as a little boy.

one song, called "No Difference" is actual taken directly from a Shel Silverstein poem. Dustin is the master story reader in our house. we read lots of Shel Silverstein books, and one night he just started putting music to a couple of poems. "No Difference" is the result, and it's so much fun. (look for annabelle's picture on his site, when this song is playing)

finally, dustin's favorite is "Television Radio Star". He wrote it one weekend a couple of years ago, when i had taken the kids away for the weekend so he could have some "creative time". The lyrics are really powerful and direct, and the song sounds like something you would hear on the radio station. maybe someday soon... :)

anyways, if you are interested in listening to it (i highly recommend it) click here--->dustin
you might have trouble hearing the songs if you are on dial up, but otherwise it should work. let me know if it doesn't, b/c he's still trying to work out some of the kinks on the site.

and that, my friends, is the inside scoop. :)

oh, and if you hate it, don't tell me. i love it. :)


At 4/13/2006 10:37 AM, Anonymous Suzy_q said...

I love them! I don't listen to "Oklahoma" very're right...very depressing. Beautiful though.

I wish you were coming to Thrio's Saturday night.

At 4/13/2006 11:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow I love the Music - Dustin and Jeremiah done a great job - I should have an honorable mention though for taking care of the lil darlins' while he performed and you worked :),,,,I love it really -

At 4/13/2006 11:22 AM, Blogger Kara said...

Very cool!! I'll look for him in a few years on the music 'circuit'.

At 4/13/2006 12:30 PM, Anonymous kris said...

Wowsa!!! I LOVE Dustin's voice. Great songs! Makes me want to learn how to play my guitar and write my own stuff. Really liked the guitar on "No Difference". And Bella's pic is so cute on there. Thanks for sharing!

At 4/13/2006 6:45 PM, Blogger Valerie Dykstra said...

I can't wait to hear it. But as per usual, my net nanny won't let me listen. Gordon will have to take all the blocks off it. He's the brain around here and when it comes to net nanny, I've not a clue how to get around her. But I will definately listen to dustin soon. Looking forward to it.

At 4/14/2006 7:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I love it. He has a really unique voice. I added you on my hubby's myspace on accident. He was logged in and I thought it was me. But it is all taken care of now. So the weird man nammed TOOLE is my hubby.

Only 4 days till the Death Cab/ Franz concert. I will let you know how it is. I am sure it will be awesome.

At 4/14/2006 5:09 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Great tunes! So when can we all get the cd?!?! :)

At 4/17/2006 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mindi! It's Marleen! i ran across your blog, and love it! It's so good to here what's going on! All is well here, Silas will be 2 soon, I understand the "Oops, its haircut time!" I didn't like the girl comments, either! Anyway, take care! ~Marleen

At 5/09/2006 1:00 PM, Blogger said...

this is incredible... wow, i love these songs. such talent. i love that you are living lives of creativity and passing it on to your children... what powerful beautiful songs.


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