Friday, April 15, 2005

Playing dirty

Playing dirty Posted by Hello

This is a girly girl. She dislikes bugs, having dirty hands, and other boyish things...until Mexico. I don't know what it is about this place, but she has definitely embraced her tomboyish ways. She spits, a lot. She is constantly covered in food, has given up silverware to eat with her fingers (even soup) and is obsessed with playing Lion King. Bugs are her new little friends. But the worst part, is that she is fascinated with dirt. We can't leave the house without her stopping to play in the driveway dirt. We take walks around the neighborhood that last entirely too long, because she is crawling in the dirt instead of walking. She lies down in the middle of the dirty sidewalk when we go to the Jardin, pretending to swim. (i didn't know that she could do the backstroke!) She can't walk past a rock without picking it up and saving it for her "collection". And at home, she is forever in trouble for playing in the fireplace soot.
It's a strange, messy, and slightly irritating phase that she is going through, but I'm praying that it is just that...a phase. Until then, you are all welcome to some homemade mud pies, fresh out of Bella's oven (fireplace). Soot mixed with sippy cup water...yum.


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