Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm going to try to update the last few weeks in the next couple of days (hopefully)
Reminder checklist for me:
*Dinner at Pings
*Pride and Prejudice with Shanna
*Bordino's with CJ
*Katie's visit and Pesto Cafe

In the meantime...I'm waiting for my new camera lens to arrive!!! :) (that's not all real money...but a lot of it is! I'm buying a new lens and hopefully a new flash)

<-------Happy Christmas to me! :)


At 12/31/2005 10:47 AM, Anonymous kris said...

How fun is that!!! :) The lens is on its way!

At 1/02/2006 9:20 AM, Blogger said...

woah! u loaded baby! :)

ps. have i ever told you that i consider you like my own best friend?

godspeed to the lens :)


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