Sunday, January 22, 2006

Julian is 2 today

My little boy is two years old today.
This is a photo of him that Dustin took last week at
Julian and CJ's birthday party. We celebrated last week on CJ's birthday, because CJ had to work this weekend. I am so glad we did, because Julian and Annabelle are at Mom and Dad's house this week.

Dustin is taking some classes that fell on this weekend and next weekend, so Mom and Amy offered to keep the kids (since we have one car, and I will be at work while Dustin is at class)

I'm a little sad today. I know that Julian isn't even aware that it is his birthday, and is busy having fun at Poppy and Tata's, playing with their new PUPPY! (yes, they got a puppy. not only do they have a puppy, but it is DAD'S puppy. My dad, who has never been a huge fan of pets, now has a Jack Russel puppy named Luther. Bella calls him Lufer) But as his Mommy, I feel bad about not being with him today.

While I do miss them both, I am spending the week (yes, they'll be gone a week. Neither of them has stayed away from Dustin and I this long) doing things that I couldn't be doing if they were here. I have scrapbooking tools and papers spread all over my coffee table, and I don't plan on cleaning it up any time soon, since my day off is tomorrow. I am reading books (The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, recommended by Valerie) I am watching movies (all things Meg Ryan today, You've Got Mail, French Kiss, and Hanging Up) I am eating vanilla ice cream with a little peanut butter mixed in. I am planning on watching Desperate Housewives, uninterrupted.

But mostly, I'm missing my babies.

We had chinese food last night. I forgot to eat my fortune cookie, because I fell asleep shortly after. (I had 10 hours of sleep over 3 1/2 days, so I'm making up for that this week too) This afternoon when I got up, I opened my fortune cookie. ...

and somehow, it actually made me feel a little better.


At 1/22/2006 5:25 PM, Blogger Valerie Dykstra said...

Glad to hear your dad got Luther. Is he happy about him? Daddy told me about him (Luther) and I wondered if you dad would like a Jack Russell. Is he going to take him on the truck?

Is tomorrow your anniversary? Juju and Bella are so lucky to have grandparents that love them and want them around. Wowsers. Get to feeling better.

At 1/22/2006 7:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bella and Julian are doing just great and they are having a wonderful time...Bella being the animal lover she is, is taking CARE of Luther...Julain has been told happy birthday several times today...started with Blueberry waffles and strawberries!!! And he loves watchin the train go by almost every hour. Enjoy yourselves and your time...
love TATA

At 1/22/2006 8:43 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Mindi - while I know it must be hard for you to be away from your family, I hope you're enjoying your "MEGathon" and Deseparate Housewives marathon. By the way, I love vanilla ice cream with a touch of peanut butter. Yummy! And your taste in movies ain't to shabby either! :) At least you're in good company.

Happy Birthday Julian!


At 1/23/2006 2:32 AM, Blogger joy madison said...


At 1/25/2006 8:02 PM, Anonymous Tonya said...

I know you miss your babies, but just think of the memories they are making with TaTa. Bella told me about the puppy today 1-25-06, I understood everything she was telling me but the fact that it was Poppy's puppy got me stuck. I guess everyone gets a little soft over time:) I had dinner with your mom and Bella this evening as well. You have of very sweet and adorable little lady, keep up the great work. I know and understand you and Dustin miss your babies, but you know they are in wonderful hands, so enjoy each other. Always remember you were a couple before you were parents. With everything involved in taking care of kids,( and i understand it ALL) don't forget about each other.

Love ya



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