Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Loofer" (Luther)

So, Luther is way more adorable than I imagined. Annabelle still calls him Loofer. I tried to get her to pronounce his name correctly.
"Not LOOFER, Bella, it's LU-THER. LU-THER. "
"Loofer. That's what i said"

Finally, she sighed and said, "Mama, sometimes I like to call him "Patch".

So while Poppy was gone, she renamed his puppy.

Annabelle and Julian had a great time at Poppy and Tata's house. Julian learned how to turn doorknobs, while Bella learned how to turn locks (and lock herself in the bedroom many times).

Bella also spent most of her days looking after the puppy with an attention that I didn't think possible for 3 year olds. She even took him outside to use the bathroom without any help from anybody. She then picked him up and brought him inside by herself. A very big girl, with a strong desire for a pet of her very own. Someday, we will move into a place that welcomes pets and give her the greatest desire of her little 3 year old heart.

As we were driving home last night, I turned on Cinderella in the back seat for the kids to watch on the long drive. Bella and Julian drew very quiet, but before the movie started, Bella grabbed Julian's hand and said, "Julian, thank you so much for opening that door for me when I was stuck in the bedroom. You were really my hero."

So genuine and precious and grateful. They really love eachother.

And we can't stop staring at Julian. He just got out of the bath, is wearing a one piece zip up pajama, and his little short haircut makes him look like a London-er. He looks so much taller and thinner. I call him Christopher Robin. Annabelle calls him "my delicious boy". And he is delicious. He doesn't look like a baby lion anymore, since we cut off his mane, but he is still ferocious and has reminded us at every opportunity tonight. Lots of growling and attacking. But lots of kisses and hugs too. He feels special with his big boy haircut and new pj's and he's letting us all know it.

Bella told me, "Mama, it really isn't fair that Juju got fruit snacks tonight and I can't have any". I explained to her that Julian did something really brave, in getting his haircut. He sat like a big boy and let the lady cut his hair and didn't fight her (too much).

She declared promptly, "Let's go get my haircut. Come on. And bring the fruit snacks."


At 2/01/2006 1:07 AM, Blogger joy madison said...

hello!!!!!! where's the picture of the cutie boy? I mean the dog is cute, but come ON!!!

At 2/01/2006 10:31 AM, Blogger Kara said...

Cute puppy and VERY cute son!!!

At 2/01/2006 5:36 PM, Blogger Valerie Dykstra said...

Loofer, Luther, Patch, whatever his name is is so cute. Irresistably cute. Is Poppy going to take him on the truck? Does he get to stay in the house? He really is so cute.

Bella and Juju are so precious. I'd love to see them again. Juju and I could sip wine coolers and just watch Bella and Loofer play. Sounds like a wonderful evening.

At 2/01/2006 6:56 PM, Blogger mindi11 said...

Luther is a house puppy, and hopefully with go on Poppy's truck soon...but they're still in potty training mode. :)

Valerie, that is definitely the kids idea of a good time too! :)

At 2/20/2006 12:55 AM, Blogger stevie.be. said...

sweet precious children. i love hearing their stories, it makes my life seem trivial... and it is a welcoming feeling :)

THAT PUPPY IS CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) HEHE


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