Tuesday, January 24, 2006

our anniversary...

since Valerie asked in the comments section a few entries ago, no it is not our anniversary. our anniversary is April 22 (Earth Day) And since I got an email, announcing this.........I just have to say....who is going to send us here for our anniversary??? Come on, it's anniversary #6. AND our 7th year of being together. We need this people. Send us to Hawaii. Help us through the 7 year itch!!! :) (all in jest, of course. but I'll go ahead and set up a Paypal account in case... i kid, i kid.)

But if I know you, and you are attending this thing...well, I'm am jealous. Very much. Jack Johnson. Ben Harper. Willie Nelson. All on one stage. I would have a hard time focusing on my sweet husband though, you know how much I love....Willie Nelson. ;)


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