Saturday, August 26, 2006

sick days

julian was sick a couple of days ago. he came to my bed around 5am and shortly after, threw up everywhere. tons of fun.

a few hours later, we were up and the kids were playing. julian would just randomly start crying. when i would go to check on him, he would be shivering and he said, "mamaaaaa.....juju's cryin! i wanna rock." (i wanna rock, meaning, rock me in the rocking chair, not i wanna rock, as in "buy me an electric guitar, i'm gonna join the rolling stones")

shortly after, we were sitting at the table, and bella was at our feet, pretending to be a puppy. julian started crying and then just threw up EVERYWHERE. all over the kitchen floor, all over me and him and annabelle.

Annabelle jumped up and shrieked, "DISGUSTING!!! JUJU!??!? WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT????"

little miss hospitality, took it as a personal attack.

fortunately it ended as quickly as it began, and we are all well, once again. well, all of us except for dustin...
he was rushed in an ambulance to the er yesterday. he said it started out as a horrible migraine, then he lost most of his vision. he couldn't drive (we try to avoid that when we have no vision ;) ) his mom called an ambulance, she was so worried.

they did an iv, a spinal tap (who knew they still did those??) lots of medication. apparently too much, his blood pressure decreased very rapidly and then they had to pump lots of fluids and stuff back into him to get his blood pressure back up. if you know dustin at all, you know that just drawing blood is an ordeal with him.

he said that they put a needle into his spine 8 times. i can't imagine. i talked to him late last night, and he was still in pain, despite the vicodin, morphine and whatever else they had him on.

in the end they weren't sure what was wrong. they feared it was some type of viral issue, possibly meningitis? he's not supposed to walk, much less work for 3 days (b/c of the spinal tap) but we'll see if he sticks to that. he's hoping to be back to work by Sunday.

i don't like that feeling, of everything being up in the air, and not being able to do anything about it. it's quite unsettling.


At 8/26/2006 11:39 AM, Blogger Heather said...

I hope Dustin is feeling better soon. Tell him to obey the dr's orders or he might get really sick - don't want that!

Glad Juju is back to normal. One time I made my brother answer the phone when he was sick and he threw up all over the phone, the wall, the floor ... I was so mad at him I made HIM clean it up. Even though he'd warned me that he didn't feel so good. My theory was he could have made a run for the bathroom. I, too, took his illness and subsequent puke as a personal assault. :) Go Bella!

At 8/26/2006 2:26 PM, Blogger Mi'Chelle said...

Mindi -- I'm so sorry. You must be exhausted. I hope Dustin is okay. I can't imagine having a needle in the spine 8 times. Gabe would just die (he hates needles, too).

Keep us posted.


At 8/26/2006 5:18 PM, Blogger Valerie Dykstra said...

Is he ok now? I hope so.

At 8/26/2006 5:33 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Hey Mindi,
Sorry to hear about Dustin and Juju...I hope that they are both feeling better soon. I'll keep your family in my prayers...

At 8/26/2006 8:24 PM, Blogger emily said...

that super sucks about dustin.
sorry about julian too. kids jump back
so quickly though. taylor has had some kinda stomach bug and then got a cold
and now i have a fluish bug. i feel ya.
i hope amy gets her pictures though. :)

At 8/26/2006 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with ya, that sicky stuff is no fun!

At 8/27/2006 4:13 PM, Blogger Kara said...

WOW!! I am so sorry to hear your family has been sick! I will be praying for Dustin too, that they will be able to find a reason......

At 8/27/2006 5:50 PM, Blogger said...

dustin will definitely be in my thoughts. you seem to be handling this well which is good... that sounds like a scary ordeal to me and so much pain.... i am so so so sorry :( i hope he feels better very very soon

At 8/27/2006 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mindi I'm so sorry that you guys have had such a rough time--even just getting thrown up on qualifies Annanbelle as having a rough time, too! I sincerely hope all is well with little Julian & with Dustin. Keep us posted--we care!

At 8/27/2006 8:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh that stinks! Hope you are all well soon! Let me know if I can do anything... I know you probably need to recoop to.


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