Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Things I will do when I return home

Bella's cherished toys, and the first things she wants when we return home, especially this barn. Posted by Hello

1. Bake. I have no baking supplies, nor a functioning oven, and yet a stack of Martha Stewart magazines. Each magazine mocks me with things that I could be making if I were home...homemade bread, the perfect cookies, a gorgeous birthday cake (for Annabelle, I was bummed that this was the first year that I didn't get to make her birthday cake)

2. Party. My parents miss us so much, and my Mom has vowed to have a party when we get home, if for nothing else, than to celebrate Annabelle's birthday that they missed. Visit with family, and friends that feel like family.

3. Eat at Chiquita's, Papa Poblano's, and Cruizzers, but not in that order. And after 3 months of eating healthy foods, I will probably throw up shortly after.

4. Drink water directly out of the tap, with ice.

5. Have about 3000 pictures developed, and go deeper into debt.

6. Shop at Old Navy and The Children's Place. (only sale items, of course...remember the whole debt thing?) My kids are wearing high waters and it embarrasses Dustin terribly. I am walking out of my pants (which is a good thing, but not if you expose unflattering body parts to innocent people) so I need to buy a couple of pairs of jeans, at least one skirt (i'm becoming skirt obsessed, no idea why) and something pink. I must have something pink. Possibly a bag...since Dustin doesn't think that pink is my "color".

"My COLORS Mama, are blush and bashful."
"Your COLORS are PINK and PINK." Steel Magnolias...great movie.

7. Buy the new Jack Johnson CD.

8. Rent Spanglish, Finding Neverland, and a score of other movies that haven't yet been released in Mexico.

9. Find a house, a job, and a DSL provider, I'm about tired of dial-up.

10. Get a nose ring....(still contemplating this one, Dustin thinks I should have gotten one years ago, I am thinking...ouch. But I think I have a pretty cute nose to display a nose ring, so we'll see...)

11. Try to figure out how we're going to go to Dustin's family reunion in OK in June, Melody's graduation in NC in June, the Kerrville Folk Festival in June, and still have a job afterwards. Also, how the heck am I going to convince these kids to ever get into the car again after the grueling drive home from Mexico...

12. Take a bath. Don't worry, I haven't given up bathing, I just don't have a tub here and I prefer baths. I need a long hot bubble bath, with a magazine, ice water, a hazelnut candle and NO interruptions.

13. Cruise Wal-Mart, buy all the specialty stuff that we normally like to eat and can't find here (i.e. Smucker's natural peanut butter, baked Tostito's, and Sam's choice all natural mint chocolate chip cookies...okay, those are just for me, and will be hidden in my underwear drawer to avoid sharing with the family)

14. Shop at Penny Pinchers and stock up on juicy juice for a dollar a bottle...I'm tired of hand juicing everything.

15. Face our debt, hospital bills, doctor bills, old work-related debt, and currently accrued Mexico debt...this one I'm not looking forward to. Also, pay our auto insurance, our May car payment, and our storage unit fee for June, do our taxes...ugh

Okay, and this is starting to turn into a boring "to-do" list, so I will end it there...sorry for the rambling.


At 4/19/2005 7:50 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Just wanted to say Hi, and tell you that i have enjoyed reading your BLOG! Your photos are all so beautiful!! Good luck on your to do list!

At 4/19/2005 9:17 PM, Blogger TA TA said...

My to-do List-
1. Take Bella and Juju to breakfast at grumpys
2. Throw Big Party For Bella's Birthday
3. Have Juju and Bella stay the night.
4. Take Juju and Bella to play at the Park.
5. Visit all family and friends showing them Bella and Juju have returned ....and the list goes on and on
Love My Mindi and Dustin for returning home....w/my grandchildren...smile!!!!


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