Monday, February 20, 2006


I was talking earlier today on a message board that I visit about sleepwalking children. I was reminded of several incidents that we had as children at one particular house we lived in, on Buddy Lane. (all of my childhood houses have names, we had two houses on a road called "Buddy Lane", this is the second of the two houses, also referred to as the "Barrett's old house")

At Buddy Lane, we had several misfortunate pee induced sleepwalking events.

The first that I remember had to do with strawberries. Lots and lots of strawberries. My Mom used to get huge flats of fruit from our friend Larry, mostly peaches and strawberries. She would spend hours cleaning and cutting this fruit up, and freezing it, although I don't know why. She never baked anything with them. We ended up eating tupperware containers full of frozen fruit through the summer months, just because we didn't know what else to eat. Anyways, one night she had a huge flat of strawberries in the bottom shelf of our fridge, waiting for the opportunity to cut it all up and freeze it after we had gone to bed. I woke up from a dead sleep on the couch, walked into the kitchen (where she and possibly my Aunt Melinda) had just started on the first small container of strawberries. I opened the fridge, dropped my shorts and just peed all over the flat of strawberries. I remember it very clearly, but I obviously wasn't awake. I was just confused as to why they were staring at me when I was trying to go to the bathroom.

The second time, I think (and this is all my perception, it could have gone way differently than this, but this is how I remember it) I had been asleep on the couch watching a movie, and it seems like my Aunt Sheila was making that ham/potato/cheese bake thing (I used to hate that stuff) or she may have been making cinnamon rolls, I can't remember exactly, but my Mom was sitting at our huge wooden kitchen table, and I walked to the corner where our trash can was. There was a bag of garbage that was full and waiting to be taken outside. I pulled down my pants, sat on top of it and started peeing everywhere. I clearly remember yelling at them to "GET OUTTA HERE!!! I'M TRYING TO PEE!!!" I was very frustrated that they wouldn't stop watching me and saying my name over and over. Let a girl pee in peace, sheesh.

The last time was possibly the most tragic. My Mom was our girl scout leader, and we had a huge year of cookie selling. All of the boxes had arrived and were stacked neatly in a corner of our living room. She had been working hard, getting all of our orders pulled and put together, ready to be delivered. One night, my brother woke up and walked into the living room, dropped his pants and peed all over several boxes of girl scout cookies. Needless to say, we purchased several boxes of urine-soaked samoas that night and they promptly went into the trash can (where I probably peed on them again later)

So, what about you? Do you have any embarrassing pee or sleepwalking stories to tell? I have a few more, but I'll share them tomorrow.
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At 2/20/2006 3:33 PM, Blogger Kara said...

Uh, yeah. I do. Although I don't really remember too clearly, my mom has told me over and over again.:) I was about 2 or 3 and I was sleep walking one night and went OUTSIDE and licked up the remaining Kool-Aid that was on the ground from the afternoon before when we were playing. Another time when I was about 3, I was (I guess) going to use the bathroom, and my mom found me sitting on a trash can peeing. Kind of weird that I am actually telling you this, as technically, I haven't 'met' you, but that's okay.

At 2/20/2006 3:58 PM, Blogger Kara said...

McDreamy for me too!!!!! Thank you for the scrapbooking tips. I guess I am in that rut of feeling like I had to have Haven's 'first' of everything, and it did get old. (and to think I only have one, it would get much more complicated if I had more) So that really helps. I did look at 2 Peas link on here. I will also check at Hobby Lobby as well. Any certain albums you like to use? I used to srap book a lot even when I was younger, but I guess it just got too much like a 'have to' thing and not just when I felt like it. I like your philosphy. Where are you located in NWA? We are in Farmington. It would be fun to get the kids together one of these days when we both aren't working or on a Saturday or something.

At 2/20/2006 8:01 PM, Blogger Valerie Dykstra said...

Very cute stories.

At 3/02/2006 4:47 PM, Blogger said...

SHIT. this is funny. i hope u dont mind that i am forwarding this to some friends. aww am laughing soooo hard right now. i havent laughed this hard in days. wow thanks!!!! :) ON THE STRAWBERRIES IN THE KITCHEN!?!?!?! HAHAHAHA!


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